As seen in our previous article, parchment paper's high threshold for heat and cold creates unique uses for it. For other tasks, wax paper makes a versatile, and less expensive, substitute for parchment paper. While it shouldn't be exposed to strong temperatures to prevent the wax from melting, here are some more ways to make full use of that roll you have lying around!

 Keep your bowls clean, reduce cleaning time
Perhaps the most understated use of wax paper is how much easier it can make post-cleaning. There are many different ways to use it: you can use it to sift dry ingredients instead of a bowl, place it on top of food in the microwave (not in extreme heat!) to prevent splatters, and top off a few layers of wax paper over a cutting board when cutting raw meat. That alone nets you a clean bowl, oven and board.

2. Reviving your waffle iron
A short-term solution to your ageing waffle iron is to place a piece of wax paper in between the plates while it heats up. This melts the wax coating covering the paper, temporarily coating the iron instead. Remove waffles easily and with no fuss. Repeat the process every few batches.

3. Making artfully wrapped baked goods
Wax paper makes the perfect wrapping paper for baked goods. Tie a ribbon around to add to its vintage appeal. The video provides helpful tips to make it look better with the usage of pleating.

A makeshift pastry bag.
Not everyone's a professional baker. Disposable icing bags are convenient for the special occasions where you're piping more than one colour. Watch the simple video above to craft one. Additionally, to get your birthday greetings right, you can pipe the words onto the wax paper, freeze it and slide onto the cake with a spatula.

 How do you use your wax paper?

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