Parchment paper! Its features are a lifesaver when it comes to sticky baked goods and pans - but everyone knows that. So, here are some of the more underestimated ways to use your parchment (baking/cooking) paper to its very best. 

1. Line and lift (Video)

You can make your own cake pan liners with parchment paper. Simply trace the shape of your pan with a pencil, flip it and add to the bottom of the pan. For the sides, fold paper in half and cut along the estimated line for double the length.  Leave a little extra paper hanging on the sides as a makeshift handle to slip it out easier. This method applies to all baked goods, of course. If your cookie batch turns out burnt, doing the above will help prevent it. 

1. An entire cooking style (Video)

Food wrapped and cooked in parchment paper, or "en papillote" in French, make healthy and savory meals with little time invested. A tiny pat of butter goes a long way in seasoning the meat and sauces, infusing and enhancing the taste of each other. This is parchment paper's calling; they take the heat that wax paper can't, and are void of strange odors chemical reactions with aluminium foil might produce when steamed. This cooking style is great for busy people, and come with reduced kitchen cleanup as they're served in the paper.

3. Layer your leftovers 
Parchment paper withstand both heat and cold well. Divide sticky leftovers (crepes, baked goods) with it for non-stick food storage before placing them in a freezer bag so they're easy to separate later.


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Stay tuned for more ways to use your aluminium foil and wax paper! Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to give number 2 a shot ;)

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