Did you know that plastic wrap works more than just sealing food in containers to keep it fresh? Find out more surprising uses for plastic wrap.

Beauty Hacks

Manicure Pro DIY. Apply the first colour and coat to your nail and let it dry completely before you apply a coat of your second colour. Blot it with a crumpled plastic wrap, let it dry and apply the top coat to seal. Your nails will look professionally done with marble design on.


Remove blackheads. Apply a coat of moisturizer to the area with blackheads, Drop Dead Gorgeous daily recommends Vaseline as a quick little skin salve. Cover the area with plastic wrap, apply two hot damp washcloths for five minutes to retain the heat longer and soften the pores. Remove the washcloths and wrap tissues over each forefinger to gently squeeze the skin. Be gently and widen your fingers to effectively remove blackhead from underneath. Keep your skin clean with your skincare that contains acids such as AHAs and BHAs. Blackheads removed!

Remove blackhead using plastic wrap

Image by Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily 


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